Community Response

Traditional Policing

Traditional Policing is described as the response to calls for service, the investigation of crimes, and arresting individuals during and after the process. This method alone does not reduce crime, address public safety issues, or deal with community problems.

No single policing agency can solve complex social problems by itself, so the need to build partnerships between the Police Department, community members and local government is imperative. Using this Community Relations strategy increases public safety through information and awareness programs resulting in a higher quality of life for our residents.

Keeping the Community Involved

There is a shared responsibility between the police and community members in encouraging a problem solving partnership. Assigned to the Community Response Unit, our officers work closely with Township residents and business owners keeping them notified of crime trends, proactive police responses, and preventive measures to address crime in their neighborhoods.

The focus is on improving the 2-way communications between the police and the community to help the residents develop rapport and participate in the crime prevention process. The exchange of information between the community and the police is essential in the prevention of crime that traditional policing methods do not address.

This communication also helps redirect the many calls to the Police Department that should be handled more efficiently by other agencies for problem solving resolutions. This allows our patrol officers more time to focus on our residents and proactive crime deterring methods in all of our neighborhoods.

Community Groups

Presently, several neighborhood and civic groups in our Township are in contact with the Community Response Unit. All receive monthly crime stats for their respective area. If you are interested in joining one of the existing groups or setting up your own group, please contact the Community Response Unit. Civic groups also can schedule a community meeting and request an officer to attend to discuss topics.

Kid Card ID

The Cherry Hill Police Department is proud to present this Child ID program to any child free of charge at township events. The Cherry Hill Kid Card is an identification card parents will have as a quick reference should your child be reported lost or missing. The card will include a photo and physical description of your child. Additionally, the information on the card meets the criteria needed for identifying and entering the child into the Amber Alert System.

Personal Safety

Officers will speak about how you can help avoid becoming the victim of a crime. We can provide information of crime prevention, personal safety, senior safety, Internet safety, and identity theft safety.

Crime Prevention for Business

Officers will speak about deterring crime within the business community conducting instruction on robbery, shoplifting, theft, and credit card fraud prevention.

School Safety

Officers will speak with students and parents about a variety of topics including Internet safety, bullying, and bike safety.

Bike Registration

Enter your bike information into our database via the Internet. This data will be stored and available to every Cherry Hill Police Officer. If your bike is stolen this information can be extremely helpful to the investigation.

Register Your Bike Online

Contact Information

For more information, contact the Community Response Unit at (856) 488-7813 or by email.