The Investigative Unit is staffed with one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, 12 detectives, and two civilian personnel. Each member has assigned duties and responsibilities.

The Investigative Unit is the main investigative branch for the Police Department. The unit is comprised of highly trained detectives in a wide range of techniques for criminal investigations.

The primary function of the Investigative Unit is to conduct thorough investigations of reported crimes. These responsibilities include locating and interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses; analyzing the information gleaned for reliability and overall accuracy. The Detectives then prepare a criminal case for prosecution, which includes ultimately presenting evidence and testimony in court.

Within the Investigative Unit there are Detectives and a civilian analyst who specialize in areas such as Intelligence gathering, crime mapping and analysis. This Intelligence is vital to provide proactive crime data to the entire department to assist in reducing crime and addressing quality of life issues. Crime Scene Detectives receive specialized training in processing and analyzing crime scene evidence through state of art scientific techniques. Crime Scene Detectives are also responsible for receiving, storing and purging evidence that is submitted from Police Officers during the course of an investigation. Detectives in other specialized areas will concentrate their efforts on drug related offenses, computer crimes, internet fraud and identity theft, auto theft, juvenile crimes, sex offenses, and a number of other major crimes.

The Investigative Unit is dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of professional service to the community. To contact the Cherry Hill Police Investigative Unit, call (856) 488-7833 or email the Unit.

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