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Cherry Hill Police

  1. 2023 SLEO Module I - Special Law Enforcement Officer Class I & II Preliminary Employment Application

    This Preliminary Application Form will be used to record applicants for employment with the Cherry Hill Police Department. The... More…

  2. Next Hiring DB for the Position of Police Dispatcher

    Next Hiring DB for the Position of Police Officer

  1. Crossing Guards Job Application

    The Cherry Hill Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Part-Time School Crossing Guard.

  2. Next Hiring DB for the Position of Police Officer

    Next Hiring DB for the Position of Police Officer


  1. CHFD Community Program Request Form

    Community Program Request, Fire Station Tour, Fire Apparatus Display, Fire Safety Presentation, Preschool Fire Safety

  2. Smoke Alarm Installation Request

    Allows residents to submit a request for installation of battery operated smoke alarms in homes that do not have hardwired/electric... More…

  1. FireWatch Referral Form


  1. Cherry Hill Fire Department Business Registration/Update Form

    Form used to register a new business or provide updated information.

  2. CHFD Request for Time Extension

    For use by a business or property owner to request additional time in order to abate fire safety violations.

  1. CHFD Fees

    To remit credit card payment for the Annual Fire Safety Use Registration Fee Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards are accepted;... More…

Community Development

  1. Township Senior and Disabled Bus Service: Rider Information: Community Development Block Grant

    This program receives assistance from Cherry Hill Township’s Community Development Block Grant Program. The Program, funded by the U.S... More…


  1. 2022 Plant-A-Patch: Return to Garden Questionnaire
  2. 2023 Plant-A-Patch: Return to Garden Questionnaire
  3. Accident Report - Recreation Department

    An accident report form is to be completed by a member of the recreation staff for an accident within a designated township program.

  4. COVID-19 Health Screening

    All members must provide their contact information and answer these questions before the event.

  5. Fall-O-Ween House Tour Application
  6. Gold Card Directory: Application to Participate

    Please complete the form and someone will reach out to you to confirm participation.

  7. Park Use Application
  8. Senior Citizen Gold Card

    Sign up for a Cherry Hill Senior Citizen Gold Card. Your card will be mailed to you in 3-5 business days.

  9. TRAIL VOLUNTEERS: Release and Waiver of Liability
  10. Wildlife Habitat Community

    The Cherry Hill Environmental Board invites you to join our community initiative to become recognized as a leader in wildlife habitat... More…

  1. 2022 Plant-A-Patch: WAIT LIST
  2. 2023 Plant-A-Patch: WAIT LIST
  3. Art Exhibit Mailing List

    For Artists and Photographers interested in participating in juried art exhibits.

  4. Craft Vendor Wait List
  5. Field Use/Permit Application

    All applicants must abide by all insurance requirements and general regulations/restrictions laid out in this application.

  6. Morning Fun Camp Position

    Application for Cherry Hill Township's Morning Fun Camp in the Summer.

  7. Program Proposal

    The Recreation Department facilitates classes on a seasonal basis. Classes are held at the Croft Farm Arts Center, Carman Tilelli... More…

  8. Senior Citizen Virtual Vendor
  9. Vendor Information Form & Hold Harmless Agreement