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Wildlife Habitat Community

  1. Share your wildlife habitat with the community!

    The Cherry Hill Environmental Board invites you to join our community initiative to become recognized as a leader in wildlife habitat restoration. 

    Restoring habitat for native pollinators, birds and amphibians helps maintain a healthy ecosystem. Our air and water become cleaner, and our gardens and farms become more productive, making Cherry Hill an even better place to live.  If you're one of the over 200 residents who have already certified your property, we'd love to see it!

  2. Tell us about your wildlife habitat.
  3. In about 3 sentences, tell us why you chose to create a wildlife habitat and if there is anything special you'd like to share with the community. 

  4. Upload up to 3 photos of your wildlife habitat.
  5. Would you like us to share your address with the community so others can visit your garden?*
  6. By completing this form, you are allowing Cherry Hill Township and the Cherry Hill Environmental Board to share your wildlife habitat on social media and the Cherry Hill Township website.
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