Motor Maintenance


The Cherry Hill Fire Department's Motor Maintenance Unit, located at 1501 Burnt Mill Road next to Fire Station 6, is a full-fledged garage charged with maintaining and repairing all of the Department's automotive fleet, including our fire apparatus and ambulances. In addition, the Motor Maintenance Unit is responsible for the formulation of new apparatus and vehicle specifications. This Unit takes pride in the writing of these specifications and in the quality of the components and workmanship for each of our units.

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Writing quality specifications, and the valuable input from our assembled "experts" in this field, have had a real impact on the decreased amount of downtime and the subsequent considerable savings on our apparatus repair budget.

The Motor Maintenance Unit also takes great pride in performing various "in house" fire apparatus innovations throughout each year. These projects allow additional and specialized functions to be accomplished on our apparatus. The Motor Maintenance Unit can be reached through Fire Headquarters at 856-795-9805.

Motor Maintenance Crew

Cherry Hill Fire Department Fleet

Major Fleets

  • 13 Light Duty Vehicles
  • 8 Engines
  • 3 Aerial Trucks
  • 1 Command Vehicle
  • 1 Heavy Rescue Truck

Special Fleet Units

  • 1 Haz-Mat Vehicle
  • 1 Maintenance Vehicle
  • 1 Special Service Vehicle
  • 1 Structural Collapse Vehicle
Motor Maintenance - Keith Working