Yellow Cherry Hill fire badge

Mission Statement

"We Deliver Excellence"

The mission of the Cherry Hill Fire Department is to provide quality Emergency Services in a professional manner to all within the Township of Cherry Hill—specifically, through the timely and efficient delivery of such services that include fire prevention and suppression, the mitigation of medical emergencies, community risk reduction, the control of hazardous material incidents, rescue operations, confined space, trench, water, high angle and building collapse and the resolution of all types of disasters, be they natural or man-made. The Department's goal is to provide both emergency and public service to the community in a timely fashion and courteous manner 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We are dedicated, caring professionals protecting the community. Please view our organizational chart (PDF) for the Fire Department structure.

The Emergency Scene

The first environment is that of the emergency scene, which requires a significant amount of training, discipline, and control; this is our Field Operations Division, where 95% of our personnel are assigned. The emergencies to which we respond range from the extinguishment of fires in various environments, either residential single-family homes, high-rises, multi-family units, large commercial properties, vehicle fires, or outside vegetation fires, to rescue assignments involving trapped motorists from motor vehicles accidents, water and ice rescues, building collapse and other technical rescues, to hazardous materials incidents involving chemical spills, bomb threats, natural gas releases, to emergency medical calls.

The Cherry Hill Fire Department deploys six fire companies, each with three to four firefighters including a company officer to respond to these emergencies. We also deploy four ambulances, each with two EMTs. Both the EMS and Fire Divisions of the Department are on-duty 24/7.

The Battalion Chief supervises all field operations in the Field Command Office at Fire Headquarters while the EMS Battalion Chief oversees our EMS Division. The Field Command Office is staffed 24 hours at Fire Headquarters.

Central Command Station