Tax Savings Programs

Property Tax Deductions

The Assessor's Office provides applications for and answers questions about the following property tax deduction programs:

  • Income-qualified homeowners who are disabled or age 65 and older may receive a $250 deduction on their property taxes and a total exemption from the township sewer rental fee. This program is funded by the State of New Jersey and administered by the township. The state's Division of Taxation will periodically perform audits of this program in order to verify income compliance through a review of state and federal income tax records.
  • Permanently disabled veterans may be entitled to full exemption from property taxes and the township sewer rental fee.
  • Qualified veterans and widows of veterans can receive a $250 deduction on their property taxes

The Assessor's Office also administers the 5-year Residential Abatement Program. Certain improvements which add value to a home, such as additions, decks, sheds, and extra bathrooms, are eligible for a property tax abatement. The value that is added, up to $15,000, will be abated for 5 years.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Assessor Michael Raio by calling 856-488-7899.