Flood Hazard Ordinance

On June 26, 2023, Cherry Hill Township Council approved an ordinance, on first reading,  that modifies the Township's Zoning Ordinance by repealing Section 429, "Flood Plain (FP) Overlay Zone," in its entirety and adds to the Township’s General Code a new Chapter 12 titled “Flood Damage Prevention”.

The Ordinance is based upon a model ordinance prepared by the NJDEP and FEMA that the Township is required to adopt and generally establishes the following:

  1. Details the Flood Hazard Maps applicable to CH Township;
  2. Establishes the Floodplain Administrator position, and its required administrative duties; 
  3. Proscribes standards engineering and construction standards for applicable projects;
  4. Requires special permits required for applicable projects, supplemental site plan and subdivision submission requirements, and a variance process;
  5. Specific regulations applicable to mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and temporary structures; and
  6. Inspection requirements and procedures.

Copies of the Ordinance under consideration are available at no cost at the Municipal Clerk's Office, 820 Mercer Street, Room 107, Cherry Hill, NJ between 8:30 am and 5 pm. Or it can be downloaded by clicking here.

Township Map with FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL)

Explore the Township utilizing an interactive map to view the FEMA National Hazard areas by clicking below map button. 

undefined Opens in new window

In order to turn on the FEMA NFHL map layer on, please select the "Flood Zones (FEMA)" layer on the right hand column.  You may have to zoom in on a location for the Flood Zone information to appear on the map. The below image indicates where the Flood Zones Layer is located which will need to be selected. 

SDL Flood Map Layer