The Barclay Farmstead is listed on the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places. Cherry Hill Township continues to invest in the preservation of this valuable historic site under the guidance of the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office, along with the help of skilled professionals. In 2020, all of the main house windows and shutters were addressed to eliminate areas of rotting wood, leaks, broken sashes, and peeling paint.

This coming spring 2022, exterior preservation work at the Barclay Farmstead will include repainting the main house roof, repointing masonry on the main house and preservation upgrades to the spring house and forge barn. Mayor Susan Shin Angulo and Township Council are dedicated to protecting and maintaining this treasured property so it may be shared with visitors for years to come. As you visit the site over the coming months, please pardon our appearance and be mindful of work crews and/or areas that may be closed to visitors for safety reasons.

The preservation of the Farmstead windows in 2020 was a partnership project that included funding from the Friends of Barclay Farmstead and the Camden County Open Space Trust Fund Grant in addition to Township capital funds. The upcoming 2022 preservation projects are being partially funded by a grant through the New Jersey Historic Trust Fund and Township capital funds.

Stay tuned for updates as we move through this delicate and important preservation process. If you have any questions, please reach out to the recreation department at 856-488-7868.


The Barclay Farmstead windows and shutters all received preservation attention in spring of 2020


The forge barn roof will be replaced in 2022 as part of ongoing exterior preservation work at the Barclay Farmstead.