What is a duplication of benefit?

A duplication of benefit exists if an applicant applies for RISE grant funding for the same use or impact previously applied for and made whole through alternate federal, state, or local grant funds.  

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1. If I have questions, who do I contact?
2. Who can apply for both subrecipient and direct beneficiary grants?
3. What is the maximum dollar amount that I can apply for?
4. What are eligible uses of ARPA funds?
5. What are ineligible costs?
6. What is the difference between a beneficiary and subrecipient?
7. If I received a private business loan to cover operating expenses due to COVID-19, do I need to disclose that on my application as an alternate funding source and potential duplication of benefit?
8. What is a duplication of benefit?
9. What happens if it is determined my application award would result in a duplication of benefit?
10. I am interested in submitting a bid for one or more of the infrastructure projects the RISE. Where can I find information on how to submit a bid for these projects when they are released?