Project Medicine Drop

The Cherry Hill Police Department in partnership with the NJ Attorney General's Office, NJ Department of Consumer Affairs, NJ Department of Environmental Protection and the Drug Enforcement Agency participates in Project Medicine Drop.

Project Medicine Drop is a program designed to allow Township residents to properly and safely dispose of their unwanted or expired household medications.

Residents can bring their unwanted or expired household medications removed from the original packaging and placed in a zip lock or similar type plastic bag to the Cherry Hill Police Department 24 hours a day. Residents will then place their medication into the Project Medicine Drop box which is located outside Police Headquarters at the police station anonymously and free of charge. The medications will then safely and properly be destroyed.

Please be aware that Project Medicine Drop boxes ONLY accept household medications, and ONLY accept solid materials such as pills and capsules. They do NOT accept syringes, powders, and liquids. To safely dispose of liquid medications follow these steps: Make the medications unattractive and difficult to get to, by mixing them with coffee grounds or kitty litter. Pour the mixture into a sealable bag, coffee can or other sealable container. Before disposing of a medicine container, be sure to scratch out any prescription information such as your name and address, in order to protect your identity.

See the attached Project Medicine Drop pamphlet (PDF) for additional information.

Project Medicine Drop Box