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Fire Station 6

Fire Station 6 located at the intersection of Burnt Mill and Berlin Roads handles the southwest portion of Cherry Hill, an area of the township that has a high percentage of residential neighborhoods and several condominium and town home communities. Their first-due response local also includes schools and a few high risk businesses due to their size and content.

Responding Apparatus
Housed in Station 6 are Squad Company (SD13), a specialized HazMat Unit (HM13) and Ambulance A1396. 

The Squad Company is an Engine Company that can also perform some specialty rescue functions because of the additional equipment they carry. They are instrumental in their response to highway incidents along the Interstate 295 corridor.

The HazMat unit mitigates hazardous material incidents from natural gas leaks, bomb scares, highway hazard spills, and industrialized release of toxic chemicals. Our HazMat unit responds all over South Jersey with their technical skills and specialized training.

In 2010, Fire Station 6 underwent renovations to accommodate the growing demands of the station. Quarters were improved for the firefighters and room was made for the Ambulance Unit.

A little history...
The original Woodcrest Fire Station stood in what is now the Woodcrest PATCO High-Speed Line parking lot. The building was a converted barn / garage with a gravel driveway entrance along Melrose Ave. The re-location of the station in 1967 to its current location enabled quicker access to two high volume roadways, and moved the station to the other side of the train tracks. This was a major improvement in response time; fire trucks no longer had to wait until a freight and/or commuter train passed the intersection when responding to calls.

 Original Woodcrest Station

Original Woodcrest Station on Melrose Avenue