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Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 is located on Marlkress Road, just off of Route 70. It adjoins with Fire Administration and the Field Command Office and houses Ladder 1334, Rescue 13, Collapse Unit 1336, Ambulance 1393, EMS 13 and Battalion 13. The Department's Training Academy is also located at this facility.

Station 3 houses two first-responding vehicles in Ladder 1334 and Ambulance 1393, and two specialized rescue units. When in service during a house fire, a ladder company is crucial in the search and rescue efforts for any occupants who may still be in the building, and for ventilating the structure on fire. Ambulance 1393 responds to all emergency medical incidents with two of our fully-trained EMTs and/or Paramedics. 
Rescue 13 and 1336 carry equipment for all types of rescues: motor vehicle accidents, building collapse, trench or confined-space rescue, etc. 

Battalion 13 is the Shift Commander for the on-duty Platoon responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Fire Department and assumes command on all significant emergencies. EMS 13 handles the day-to-day operations of the medical response technicians.

Deer Park - Fire Station 3 - In the Past.... 
Original Deer Park Station  Fire Station 3 - Pre 2010
The original Fire Station was built in 1972 for the Deer Park Fire Company.