Protect Children From Environmental Threats

Helpful Tips for Children

Air Quality

  • Don't smoke
  • Keep home clean of dust, mold, etc.
  • Limit outdoor activity on bad air days

Lead Poisoning

  • Wash children's hands before eating
  • Wash bottles and toys often
  • Wash floors and window sills
  • Remove peeling paint from window sills, etc.
  • Run cold water 30 second before using (flush lead from pipes)
  • Get children tested for lead – check with doctor
  • Test home for lead paint hazards if built before 1978

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  • Have fuel-burning appliances, furnace flues, chimneys checked once a year
  • Never use gas ovens or burners for heat
  • Never use barbecue grills indoors or in garage
  • Never sleep in room with unvented gas or kerosene space heaters
  • Don't run cars of lawnmowers in garage
  • Install a UL approved carbon monoxide alarm in sleeping areas

Pesticides & Toxic Chemical Awareness

  • Put food and trash in closed containers to avoid pests
  • Don't use pesticides if don't have to – look for alternatives
  • Read product labels and follow directions
  • Use bait and traps instead of bug sprays, in places children can't reach
  • Store pesticides and toxic chemicals where children can't reach them
  • Never point pesticides and toxics in unmarked containers
  • Keep children, toys, and pets away when using pesticides
  • Wash fruits and vegetables under running water, and peel when possible

Too Much Sun

  • Have children wear sun hats, sunglasses, and protective clothing
  • Use sunscreen on children over 6 months old
  • Keep infants out of sun
  • Trying avoid extended periods in mid-day sun (between 10 and 4)