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Here you'll find all the latest news, articles and information about the Cherry Hill Environmental Board. Articles listed on the left were previously published in the Cherry Hill Community Magazine.

Trails Support Us During the Pandemic

The current public health crisis has stressed Americans. Safe outlets to release the stress productively have been significantly reduced. Cherry Hill Township’s robust system of trails has become an even more valuable and healthy resource to address the physical and mental needs of so many people during these trying times.

Just taking a walk in the woods of Bortons Mill or Bunker Hill Trails, riding a bike at Kresson or Downs Farm Trails, learning about nature at Croft Farm and Barclay Farm Nature Trails, or exploring the streams and marshes of Thomas Paine or Cherry Valley Trails can relieve anxiety or just burn off some energy for house-bound youth. Many people have taken advantage of Cherry Hill’s trails, especially this year and have likely made an important connection with nature. If you haven’t experienced the trails and the Cherry Hill Open Space Lands that the trails travel through, give your neighborhood sidewalks a rest, and try out the trails.

With Covid-19 adding hundreds of new cases each day in Camden County, here are some public health safety tips for trail users:

  • Have your mask handy when encountering other trail users
  • Announce your presence when passing other trail users so they have time to get their mask on or step out of the way to allow 6-foot distancing.
  • Practice distancing.

The all-volunteer Cherry Hill Environmental Board (CHEB) develops, improves and maintains the system of trails throughout the township. Maintenance and improvements have been really important this year as increased use has required significant efforts to allow the trails to withstand the increased use. Woodchips have been added to cover exposed roots, and structures were built to raise trails in some wet areas at many trails including Bortons Mill, Cherry Valley, Bunker Hill, Kresson, Barclay Farms and Thomas Paine Trails. Check out the pictures. More trail improvements efforts are planned and being implemented regularly.

Visit the Cherry Hill Township website for more information on all the trails, the trail crew, volunteering, and the Cherry Hill Trails Challenge at: For questions and comments contact CHEB Chair Lew Gorman.

Cherry Hill Trails Program 10th Anniversary

This year, the Cherry Hill Environmental Board (CHEB) will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Township's Trails Program. The Cherry Hill Trails Plan was first approved by Council in October 2009. To honor this achievement, various events have been planned throughout the Cherry Hill Environmental Board 10th Anniversary logonext year for residents of all ages. 

Starting in December, CHEB will highlight a different trail each month in the Mayor's Weekly Briefing email message. But you don't need to wait to connect with nature on Cherry Hill trails. Likely, there is a trail on a Cherry Hill open space parcel near you.

Find all 11 trails on the Township website where maps of each trail and directions are posted. Three trails also have a nature trail and family-friendly, accompanying guides are available both on the website and at nature trailheads.

Trails provide a terrific resource for walking, off-road biking, birding, jogging, and seeking the solitude of nature. 

CHEB began developing a system of trails on Township Open Space lands to create a saOld Orchard Trails Sign Imagefe and sustainable way to connect people to nature. The all-volunteer Environmental Board developed the 11 trail systems and maintains them in a number of ways. If you would like to help in this effort, please contact CHEB's Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Patrizzi at She will provide you with information on:

  • CHEB's Trail Crew (Meets 2nd Saturday of each month)
  • Special trail improvement days like Martin Luther King Day of Service
  • How to make tailored arrangements for group projects like Eagle Scout, church and corporate
  • Completing school community service hour requirements
  • Becoming a Cherry Hill Trail Ambassador

Keep an eye out for trail activities, service opportunities, and perhaps the opening of new trails during this 10th Anniversary year.

Article by Lew Gorman III, Chair, Cherry Hill Environmental Board
Published in the Winter 2020 Community Magazine.