Vacant Property Registration

Cherry Hill Township requires that any property that is not legally occupied and is not actively on the market to be sold be registered with the Property Maintenance department within 30 days of the property becoming vacant. To register a vacant property, applicants can download the registration form (PDF), fill it out and mail it in with a check for the required fee, or submit the request online (SDL Login Required).

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The registration form must contain the following information:

  • Full name and address of the current owner (bank)
  • Company responsible for receipt of violations and registration invoices
  • Local company or individual responsible for maintenance of the property

Registrations are required to be renewed in January of every calendar year that the property remains vacant.

Registration forms and checks may be mailed to the following address:

Regular Mail
Cherry Hill Township
Attn: Property Maintenance Department
820 Mercer Street
PO Box 5002
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Overnight Mail
Cherry Hill Township
Attn: Property Maintenance department
1 Perina Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

If a vacant property is sold or transferred to another servicer, the registrant is required to inform the Property Maintenance department by filling out a De-Registration Request form (PDF). If the property was sold, a copy of the deed of sale must accompany the de-registration form; if the property was transferred you must provide the full address and telephone number for the new responsible party.

If you need to find out if a property is currently registered, please contact the Property Maintenance department at (856) 834-3364.