How do I know if I have to obtain Zoning or Planning Board approval?
There are a number of situations that may trigger the need for an application to one of the Township’s Land Use Development Boards. If you are opening a new business in Cherry Hill and you are planning to build a new building, make changes to the building or parking lot, you may need to apply to the Planning Board for a site plan approval. The size of the change will determine if the site plan approval is major or minor. In addition, if you are substantially changing the use of the site from its previous use you may be required to present a Change of Use application to the Planning Board. If the type of business you are intending to operate is not a permitted use in the zone in which you want to locate you must apply to the Township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment for a use variance. If a site plan is required in conjunction with the use variance the Zoning Board will review the site plan instead of the Planning Board.
Each Board has a dedicated administrator that can help you through the application process. Any incorporated business is also required to be represented by Council that can help you with the application requirements. Please keep in mind that the process of applying to either Board can be a lengthy process. Applications that are not complete will be deemed so and a list of items that must still be submitted will be sent to the applicant. An incomplete application can slow down the process significantly. In addition, both Boards meet twice per month so your ability to get on an agenda will depend on the completeness of your application and the number of applications that are already scheduled.

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