Office of the Fire Chief

The Office of the Fire Chief (OFC) was established by the Board of Fire Commissioners to coordinate the various department units through effective strategic planning. The OFC includes the Fire Chief, two Assistant Fire Chiefs who are assigned various operation and administrative responsibilities and the Director Capital Assets Command (DCAC) / Principal Staff Assistant. Providing administrative support to all four of these individuals, and often acting as liaison between the OFC and various individuals and organizations throughout the town is the Executive Administrative Assistant.


The primary responsibility of the Fire Chief and the Office of the Fire Chief as a whole is to ensure that all divisions are working collectively with one thought in mind: "Serving the residents of Cherry Hill." Responsible for coordinating and carrying out all associated activities relating to efficient Fire Department operations, the Office of the Fire Chief oversees compliance with department policies, regulations, and employment laws, monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of our operational activities, and purposefully adjusts and improves current and future strategies accordingly. If you would like to contact Chief Houlihan, he can be reached by phone at 856-795-9752, email Chief Houlihan, or by mail at: 

Fire Headquarters
1100 Marlkress Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003