Emergency Medical Services

The EMS Battalion Chief commands the Emergency Medical Services Division and is responsible for administering a system of pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport. The EMS Department is comprised of highly trained and professional Medical Services Officers, Paramedics, and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians).

Side of Cherry Hill Ambulance

Cherry Hill Emergency Medical personnel, along with our firefighters, are the first responders to medical emergencies in town. Our EMS units are part of a coordinated response on calls such as structure fires, motor vehicles accidents and medical or traumatic emergencies. Cherry Hill Fire Department employs both EMTs - Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics offering a well-rounded crew of team members with high-level training in pre-hospital care.

The mission of the CHFD EMS is to provide a professional and clinically superior emergency medical service to the residents of Cherry Hill. It is a critical component to the quality of life in town, responding to more than 9,000 calls per year for all types of medical emergencies.

Our fleet of seven (7) ambulances are staffed with full-time and per-diem EMTs and Paramedics, with a minimum of three (3) ambulances staffed 24/7. Additional EMS units are added to the deployment plan during periods of peak demand and special events. This strategic deployment of EMS units in our neighborhood fire stations, along with the standardization of training and response protocols, has ensured that the residents and visitors of Cherry Hill receive the highest quality pre-hospital care possible.

The Symbol of Emergency Medical Services is the "Star of Life". The "Star of Life" contains six points and a staff in the middle of the symbol. Each point represents a component of care in the delivery of EMS.

  • Detection
  • Reporting
  • Response
  • On Scene Care
  • Care in Transit
  • Transfer to Definitive care The staff stands for Medicine and Healing.
EMS Blue Star Of Life