Traffic Complaint Investigation Program

Complaint Procedure

Motorists should contact 911 for vehicles that are driving erratically or in any manner as to endanger the public. However, residents who suspect their street is prone to vehicles routinely driving above the speed limit or in an aggressive manner should request a speeding investigation.

Specifically, this speed complaint management system consists of:

  • Initial documentation of the complaint to the Traffic Safety Squad Residents can contact the Squad at either 856-488-7820 or through the Police Website. The Traffic Squad Officer who receives the call will document the incident and forward the information to the Traffic Safety Squad Supervisor to investigate and ultimately resolve traffic related issues.
  • Deployment of a traffic data recorder to the area being investigated. This is the first step in the speeding investigation. The data collected from the roadways consists of both speed and volume. The data is broken down into 15 minute intervals over a 24 hour period. This detailed collection method allows the Traffic Squad to identify significant problem times, which allows officers to be deployed to those areas where speeding is actually occurring based on actual data collection. This method maximizes the resources of the agency.
  • Deployment of a radar equipped variable message board. This board measures the speed of oncoming vehicles and displays a clear message that the motorist is exceeding the speed limit. This provides an educational opportunity to alert the motorist to the actual speed they are traveling.
  • A Traffic Engineering Audit. This consists of a trained Traffic Officer reviewing the affected area to determine if additional signage is needed, the current signage is adequate, in need of repair or if a specific engineering measure is necessary. Crash files for the affected area are reviewed to determine if the complaint received correlates to the past history of crashes. The history of the street is reviewed which includes past enforcement action, past complaints, and past engineering issues.
  • Initiation of a Traffic Action Plan. Each step of the Traffic Complaint Investigation Program is carefully reviewed to determine the most appropriate method to resolve the traffic issue. Possible solutions would include aggressive enforcement of motor vehicle laws, engineering modifications or educational opportunities.
  • Re-evaluation of the area. Within a 6 month period or greater if necessary the area will be re-examined to determine if the measures taken corrected the problem or if additional measures are required.