Building Permits & Certificates of Occupancy

Zoning Approval

Assuming the type of business you plan to open is a permitted use, not substantially different then the previous use, and the parking on-site is sufficient you will be issued a zoning approval. After the zoning approval is issued the Code Enforcement Department will review any building permits you have submitted.

Building permits, Certificates of Occupancy, or Certificates of Continued Occupancy can be submitted when you submit your zoning approval, but will not be issued until the zoning is approved. Building permit applications must be obtained from the Code Enforcement Department.

Certificate of Continued Occupancy

A Certificate of Continued Occupancy is required for either a change of tenant or property owner. The certificate is issued after a township inspector inspects the site to ensure it meets the requirements for the business you intend to operate. If it passes the inspection, you will be issued the Certificate of Continued Occupancy, at which time you may begin to operate your business.

Certificate of Occupancy

If you are changing the use of the building from a lower use and occupancy classification to a higher classification or you are in need of completing construction work in the building you will be required to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. If you are unsure of your use and occupancy classifications, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 856-488-7855.