Zoning Permits


Before applying for a zoning permit please have the following information:

  • A survey of the property showing all parking
  • An application rider describing your business and the square footage you will be occupying on the property as well as the type of business and square footage of the other building occupants, if applicable
  • Block and lot of the property
  • Zone in which the property is located

When reviewing these applications the zoning officer must determine whether or not the business you wish to open is a permitted use in the location in which you plan to operate. In addition to determining the acceptability of the type of business, the township must determine the suitability of the site to support your business, in most cases this simply involves making sure there is enough on-site parking.

Contact Information

If you are unsure of any of the above information, please call the Community Development Department at 856-488-7870.

Property Survey

If you are unable to obtain a survey of the property you may be able to find 1 on file with the township. To obtain this survey you must submit an Open Public Records Act Request (OPRA) to the township clerk.