Operating Budget / Board of Fire Commissioner Election

Cherry Hill Fire Department Operating Budget

The operating budget includes the salaries of our hard-working men and women who respond daily to numerous emergencies that occur in Cherry Hill Township, health insurance costs, office expenses, hydrant fees, training and the gear essential to ensure our members are prepared and well-equipped to respond at a moment's notice. Additionally, budget expenses include utilities, maintenance, and repairs for each of our fire stations and their apparatus.

The Cherry Hill Fire Department works hard every year to create a responsible and efficient budget and to control spending through various methods. With in-house maintenance and repair programs from our Motor Maintenance garage to our SCBA shop to our Leather, Hose, and Small Engine Repair shops, and the fact that many of our members are licensed in various trade skills, we are able to save thousands each year.

Cherry Hill Fire Department Elections - Budget & Board Members

On December 6, 2018, the Fire Commissioners moved the annual election to coincide with the date of the November General Election in accordance with the new law passed by the New Jersey State Legislature and signed by Governor Christie in 2017. The new law is intended to help generate more interest in voter participation in Fire District Elections.

Anyone wishing to run for a Fire Commissioner position should contact the Camden County Clerk's Office, Election Division for Petitions.