Critical Incident Negotiating Team


This team consists of specially trained sworn officers who respond to specific police emergencies where negotiating skills may be necessary during an incident. These personnel are required to pass stringent qualifications including an oral interview process in order to be selected as a member.


All members must attend an initial 40 hour training course instructed by the FBI which includes:

  • Hostage Negotiation Strategies
  • Personality Profiles
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Media Relations
  • Mental Health Awareness

In-service training courses and scenario role playing with other police agencies provide these officers with additional techniques to continually enhance their skill levels.

Special Equipment

To compliment the team, they are outfitted with special equipment including a mobile hostage rescue phone that allows more than one negotiator to monitor a single conversation, a Wireless Telular® Box that can transform any landline into a wireless phone, and a rescue throw phone that can be delivered to a location where no phone equipment exists.


The primary mission of the unit is to taper off volatile situations and mediate a peaceful resolution with a person who may be in a crisis state by using specific strategies and skills.