Moderate Price Housing

The Moderate Priced Housing Program is designed to allow moderate income families the ability to purchase a house, apartment, or condo in Cherry Hill. There are approximately 200 units that are designated in the program; however, not all are for sale. When owners of these properties decide to sell their dwelling, they must sell their unit under this program to a moderate income family.  


The Moderate Price Housing (MPH) programs control the size of the units, the number of bedrooms, the income of the buyer or the tenants, the resale prices and the rents. 

Finding a MPH Unit

To find a property that is in this program and is for sale, you must contact a realtor. Units that are for sale are on the multiple listing service list with a deed restriction.  

Applying for a the MPH Program

When you find a suitable MPH units and, prior to getting financing from a financial institution, you must submit an application through your realtor to Community Development, Housing Office. Currently, applications are being accepted. Download the application (PDF) online. This application must include the following applicable materials: copies of your last tax return along with the W-2 and all schedules and statements, copies of your last 4 pay stubs, a copy of all bank account statements, copies of all pension forms, IRAs, CDs, bonds, and any other income statements that you may receive. The approval of the application will be sent to your realtor so that the financing process can begin.

Purchasing a MPH Unit

Once an agreement of sale is signed, a copy must be forwarded to the Housing Office. In addition, both the agreement of sale and the new deed must contain language referencing Township Ordinance 76-71. The deed must be submitted to the Housing Office for approval prior to filing with the clerk.

To inquire about available units please contact Annette Ludlow, Housing Administrator for Cherry Hill Township in the Department of Community Development at 856-432-8706 with any inquiry regarding the MPH program.