Planning Division

Land Use Board Applications

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to continue the Department of Community Development’s operations to fullest extent possible, please follow the below instructions when submitting Planning and/or Zoning Board Applications until further notice.

  1. Please submit all application materials (e.g. applications, plans, reports, project summary, checklist, and other materials) electronically by way of email or an online file transfer to prior to mailing the application materials, including any checks, to the Township. Please utilize reduced-sized PDF's if sending larger files.
  2. Complete the Application Fee and Escrow Worksheet and submit along with your application materials.
  3. Once the application materials are reviewed and determined to be sufficient for filing purposes only, you will receive an email requesting that all application materials, including all checks, be mailed to the Township.  Only one (1) hard-copy of all submission items will be required. Please note that if any deficiencies in the application submission are found, the applicant will be required to submit the additional requested information prior to proceeding with the mail-in submission. Checks should be made payable to Cherry Hill Township and separate checks should be submitted for filing fees, escrow fees, Notice of Decision fee ($45.00), and for property list requests ($10.00).
  4. Barring an incompleteness determination, the application will be deemed “filed” when the applicable payment(s) is/are processed by the Controller’s office, or five (5) business days after our receipt of the application materials by email or online file transfer, whichever period is shorter.
  5. Thereafter, the Department of Community Development will review the application for completeness in the normal course and within the applicable timelines provided by the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law and/or any extensions thereto that may be provided by law.
  6. As always, the Department of Community Development reserves the right to request additional information/submission items from the Applicant(s) prior to any scheduled board hearing.

Planning Board Application

Zoning Board Application

Concept Plan Application

Planning & Zoning Staff

The planning staff in the Township of Cherry Hill consists of:

  • Cosmas Diamantis, Esq., Director of Community Development
  • Mara Wuebker, PP, AICP, Deputy Director
  • Jacob Richman, PP, AICP, Senior Planner
  • Kathleen Gaeta, Zoning Officer
  • Samuel Opal, Planning and Zoning Assistant

The planning staff guides residents, business owners, and developers through the Planning and Zoning boards process, but also are responsible for examining the township on a comprehensive level for assessment, improvement, and future goals. The staff utilizes the various tools of public input, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data, and other resources to apply and develop plans for the township.

If you have any questions, please contact the planning staff by calling 856-488-7870.