Home Improvement Program

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is restricted to township residents who own their homes, meet the gross annual income requirements listed below, and who need repairs to one or more of their major systems such as heating, plumbing, electrical, and/or roofing. Township employees or members of their households are not eligible to apply.

We are currently accepting applications.

Income Guidelines

The maximum incomes allowed are established by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and are currently set at:

  • $52,950 for a family of 1
  • $60,500 for a family of 2
  • $68,050 for a family of 3
  • $75,600 for a family of 4
  • $81,650 for a family of 5
  • $87,700 for a family of 6
  • $93,750 for a family of 7
  • $99,800 for a family of 8

These qualifying income figures are adjusted periodically by HUD.


Please note that this program is being administered by the Camden County Department of Community Development though a shared services agreement.

To apply to the Home Improvement Program, please request an application directly from the county by contacting the Camden County Department of Community Development at 856-374-2242 or via email.

Additional information can be found below: