Rent Review Board


Meetings are held, as needed, in Room 208 in the Township Municipal Building. Caucus begins at 6:00 p.m. followed immediately by the Meeting.

Meetings will also be accessible to the public online, by following the instructions provided on the calendar listing. Members of the public attending on Zoom will join as “attendees.”  Attendees will be in “Listen & View Only Mode” and will not be able to activate their webcams nor their microphones during the meeting. At the public comment portion of the meeting, members of the public who wish to speak can do so by utilizing the virtual "Raise your Hand" feature. If you raise your hand before the public comment period begins, it will be lowered, and you will have an opportunity to raise it again once the public comment portion of the meeting begins. Attendees that request to make a comment will be unmuted by the host and called upon to state your name and address for the record. When your comment is complete, the host will mute your audio.


List of current members (PDF).


  • Brandon Hawkins, Board Attorney
  • Agnes Cueto, Secretary / Administrator


The chairperson and Rent Review Board members hear testimony for rent increase applications on the part of landlords and may require landlords to make restitution to tenants for overcharges or needed repairs, and may compel parties to other courts as needed.