Vegetative Waste

Guidelines for disposal of Vegetative "Yard Waste"

Grass clippings, small tree/shrub trimmings, leaves and similar debris are collected one time per week on your normal solid waste and recycling collection day. The Township recommends that these items are placed into containers that are between twenty-five (25) and thirty-five (35) gallons (please keep in mind that residents are permitted to use up to a fifty (50) gallon container but the contents cannot exceed the fifty (50) pound weight limit) cans should be clearly marked "Yard Waste." Yard Waste labels are available upon request, free of charge, at the Clerk's Office and the DPW Office.

**Containers should not have lids placed on them while they are out at the curb for weekly collection. In addition, containers with attached or hinged lids are not permitted to be used for yard waste containers.**

Yard waste is also permitted to be placed out for collection in biodegradable paper bags.Yard waste is not permitted to be placed out in plastic bags; Yard waste placed out in plastic bags will not be collected. Additionally, ripped and torn bags may not be accepted and must be re-bagged for collection. 

Branches must be cut into lengths which do not exceed four (4) feet and securely bundled and tied in a manner which does not exceed fifty (50) pounds. Trunks and similar log pieces must be cut to lengths no larger than (2) feet, no thicker than six (6) inches in diameter, no heavier than (50) pounds then neatly stacked curbside for removal.

Printable Trash and Recycling Guidelines (PDF)

Why Should I Grasscycle?

Why should I GRASScycle?

  • FREE LAWN FOOD! Grass clippings contain nitrogen and potassium which provide beneficial natural nutrients for your lawn.
  • SAVINGS! Lawn additives cost money and may harm the lawn.
  • SAFETY! According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection dozens of people in New Jersey poison themselves by not following the label warnings on lawn chemicals.
  • RECOMMENDED! Reputable lawn care specialists like Lawn Doctor and Scott's Lawn Care Products also favor the cutting it and leaving it approach to lawn maintenance.

For more information on the benefits of the "cut it and leave it" program, follow the links below.

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