Business Fire Safety Use Registration Fee

All non-life hazard use businesses and commercial properties are issued an Annual Fire Safety Use Registration Fee Invoice the month after the annual Fire Safety Inspection is conducted.

Payment may by made by credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover), check or money order, payable to the Cherry Hill Fire Department. The mailing address is Cherry Hill Fire Department, Attn: Fire Marshal's Office, 1100 Marlkress Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003.

Inquiries or updated mailing and contact information must be submitted in writing and may be submitted via email; please include account number.

The fees are as follows:

Local Use Group
Common Areas/Property$70.00
500 square feet or less$35.00
501 to 2,500 square feet$70.00
2501 to 5000 square feet$140.00
5,001 to 10,000 square feet$200.00
10,0001 to 15,000 square feet$400.00
15,001 to 25,000 square feet$450.00
25,001 to 50,000 square feet$550.00
50,001 to 100,000 square feet$600.00
100,001 to 200,000 square feet$650.00
200,001 to 300,000 square feet$700.00
Each additional 100,000 square feet$350.00

To speak with someone regarding registration fees, please call 856-795-1340, extension 4.